My Amazing Team was born from an idea that if a group of extraordinary people were put together in the same room, amazing things would happen. Our mission is to make our amazing team, your amazing team.

We are a group of people who love technology, design, animation, poetry and music. We crave innovation and we're always hungry to keep moving forward.We want to take you into that future.

Get in touch with one of our companies and let’s make amazing possibilities into impactful realities!

MAT Studios provides creative early stage R+D Innovation support for businesses and brands. We help them think differently, discover their audiences, create amazing ideas that connect, develop and visualize concepts that exponentially increase the chance of a successful launch.

In short, we help turn insight-driven ideas into concepts that truly connect, through approaches designed to launch your tomorrow, today.


Elevatelabs is a graphic design studio and digital technologies lab. If you want to get that project out off the paper and make it happen, we are your team. we have worked with clothing brands, card games, book publishing, app development;
really, no matter what it is you wanna do, we are excited to help you do it!

we want to take your vision, and turn it into something beautiful and real!


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